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Our leading research objective:
Help engineers understand how software-intensive systems will behave in reality

We are actively doing reserach in the following areas

Requirements Engineering

Automate RE as far as possible

  • Automatic Requirements Classification (paper)
  • Automatic Trace Link Recovery (paper)

  • Automatic Glossary Term Extraction (paper)

  • Automatic Test Case Derivation from Natural Language Requirements (paper)
  • Automatic Risk Prediction (paper)

Model-based Systems Engineering

Improve MBSE adoption in practice

  • SPES Modeling Framework (paper)

  • Feature Dependency Analysis (paper)

  • Drivers and Hurdles of MBSE Adoption (paper)

  • MBSE Adoption Strategies and Best Practices (paper)

  • MBSE Maturity Model (paper)

  • Decision Support for Process Maturity Improvement in MBSE (paper)

Data-Driven Systems Engineering

Improve SE by collecting and analyzing runtime data

  • Integrate NL Requirements with System Executions (paper)

  • Analyze Feature Usage based on Interaction Data (paper)

SE for Machine Learning

Adapt the SE process to the new challenges of ML

  • Requirements Engineering for ML Applications (paper)